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Behind the Lens

I'm a hopeless romantic who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever I go.


I'm tracey

Ok, I'm obsessed. I just got to admit to it how much I love what I do.. Selecting the right wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make. With my collections of film and digital photography, you will receive breathtaking and authentic images. But you're looking for more than just that.

You want an amazing experience leading up to your special day! With a decade of experience in the wedding industry, I have acquired extensive knowledge and am always ready to answer any questions regarding your wedding photography and the schedule for your big day.

Regardless of who you choose, ensure that you trust them enough not to provide a generic shot list. There are undoubtedly important shots to capture on your big day, but ultimately, it's about what matters most to you. If you resonate with their photography style, you can wholeheartedly rely on them to document your special day.

Most of my clients are dreamers, just like me, and they know how to express themselves while planning their wedding day - and rightfully so. It's your love, expression, and true selves that make this day all about you.

My photography focuses on capturing your experience with joyful, editorial, adventurous moments, filled with beautiful light and genuine emotion. With natural film tones and an element of art. 

my favorite things:


travelling and my bucket list items

I'm passionate about traveling, road trips, and exploring new destinations. So, if you're celebrating in a picturesque location, nowhere is difficult to access. I have achieved climbing Mt. Everest Base Camp, and now on my bucket list are Italy, Maldives, and France.


everything is an experience

I love to experience everything, whether it's fine dining, sailing, glamping, or having dinner on a clifffront. It excites me and sparks my creativity for any event or vision.


good with people

I worked in the mining industry as grader, loader, and excavator operator. It was like a family. So, I understand that couples may have some family dynamics, but that's cool too because we will handle it in the most positive way.


GRADITUDE and been present

There is something special about being present. It enables me to form deep connections, be aware of my surroundings, and fully appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Which make composition in photos breathtaking.


i love been around family, friends and my partner

I'm going to share a hilarious nickname with you, do you want to know? Of course you do! I call the love of my life Sexy Sexy. Yes thats his name and I'm laughing just by telling you!


part of my job

It brings me great joy to witness couples fully embracing their authentic selves, and to provide them with a diverse range of photographs captured through both film and digital mediums.

I'm like a bestie to chat with 

 I listen to your dreams and your vision for your wedding day to understand what's important to you.


helpful hand

Before your wedding, I will provide you with photo ideas and insightful tips to make the most out of your day.



Don't worry about finding the perfect photo locations at your venue, leave the scouting and the best lightening up to be - you just bring the love and smiles on your wedding day


photography timeline

We customise a timeline together that includes all the important aspects of your special day. Keep in mind that your wedding should be tailored to your preferences, therefore, the timelines we work on are uniquely designed for YOU, not a generic template.


wedding day

I approach wedding photography with an editorial style that captures every moment, detail, and expression of love. My cheerful and optimistic personality ensures that your big day is stress-free and enjoyable, allowing you to cherish every moment. You'll receive a collection of stunning images that tell the story of your wedding, which you can share with your loved ones for years to come.


what you receive when working with me


about you

My clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

While I understand that my approach may not appeal to everyone, I take pride in getting to know each of my couples personally before their big day. It's important for me to understand  your values and dreams for your wedding, as I strive to make your special day a true reflection of your unique personalities.   
If you tend to be adventurous, creative, and unafraid of stepping outside the norm. Also you have a keen eye for style and appreciate quality details, and aren't afraid to have a little fun - even if it means getting a little dirt on your wedding dress for that perfect photo. This is a great fit already.

Above all, you hold families close and understand the value of celebrating life's moments big or small. You know that your wedding day is a chance to showcase who they are as a couple, and cherish the memories made on that special day for generations to come. 

Does this sound like we connect? Inquire with me.




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