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It is said that the most compelling stories are born from genuine emotions and experiences. When you take the time to stop and really take it all in, and be truly yourself, this is reflected in your photos that tell your love story. 



Pressing pause on your best moments.


The magically creamy, true-to-life tones with an element of surprise. Who would think you could select such high-quality photos? They cannot be replicated with their colours, textures, and timeless images. The ambiance of the image is breathtaking, making you feel incredibly beautiful when captured.

With my use of both film and digital, I strive to deliver a truly unforgettable experience - one that captures the essence of your love story and leaves you with cherished memories you can hold in your hands forever.

Your wedding day holds more importance beyond just being a single day. 

That's why we work together on a photography timeline that includes what is important to you. With me, you don't have to worry about missing any moments with your family, whether it's joining them for canapes or capturing sunset photos when events collide. 

My goal is to ensure that you don't regret not knowing something after your big day is over. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your memories to someone with the right expertise and experience.

my process

love your story

fine art film photography

more then just one day


the way i work 

 In my opinion, a photographer should be more than just a person behind the camera. They should strive to create an experience that puts you at ease and helps you achieve your vision for the big day.

To accomplish this, I've learned that being proactive is key. Many photographers keep their distance and wait for the perfect shot. Instead, I actively engage with you to help you feel comfortable and overcome any obstacles you may encounter. I provide guidance in a relaxed manner, using subtle directions that allow you to stay in the moment and be yourselves.

My goal is to capture images that reflect your unique personalities and tell your love story. I believe that this is best achieved when you feel confident, comfortable, and the best versions of themselves.


destination & domestic


My services include custom collection or all-inclusive collection, along with a engagement session, complete wedding day coverage, heirloom album, an online gallery, and full download and printing rights. 

Whether your wedding is in a destination or locally, I approach it with the same intention of storytelling. I capture the complementing landscapes and highlight your venue, along with meaningful details and genuine connections. My goal is to make you feel like your shinning within, glowing from the outside and feeling comfortable while i direct you the be yourself.

"I'm obsessed with these photos, Thankyou so much..."



to the end of the world


If you're considering eloping, I can help you plan your special day in a way that reflects your unique love story. Whether you just need someone to capture the essence of your elopement through photography, or you want assistance in planning all the details, I'm here to help. I can guide you through choosing the perfect location, arranging for any details, and curating personalised touches to make your elopement truly unforgettable. 

""Wow Tracey! I'm crying looking at these photos, they are so beautifuly."

samantha and daniel


Where it all begins

experiencing the memories

engagements / portraits

honeymoons /staycation 

An engagement or portrait session with me is more than just a photo shoot – it’s an opportunity to build your confidence and for us to get to know each other, all while creating beautiful images that preserve your love story. From exploring stunning locations to choosing your perfect wardrobe, we’ll work together to capture your authentic love story even before the wedding bells. 

Whether you're in search of a romantic honeymoon destination or opting for a relaxing staycation, this is an incredible opportunity to discover new places while creating lasting memories with breathtaking photographs.

"We had the best time during our photoshoot. She was able to get the most genuine smiles and laughs ."

samantha  & max


a perfect-picture weekend

multi - day events

Then it comes to capturing your love story in all its grandeur, a picture-perfect wedding weekend coverage is the key. I am dedicated to providing full coverage, starting from the engagement session, rehearsal dinner, and welcome party, through the wedding day, and up to the farewell brunch or pool party. With my lens as your storyteller, every moment, every detail, and every emotion will be captured. From the enchanting landscapes to the stunning décor, the candid laughter to the emotional farewells, your unique love story will be captured in all its entirety with more time to celebrate with loved one!

love your story 


Choosing to add an album allows you to revisit all of the significant moments from your wedding day, as well as other special events that hold great importance in your life. These albums are meticulously crafted in Australia.

Love your story and create timeless memories that will be forever.

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"You did a wonderful job. I can't even choose which one to post, they are really beautiful. The lighting, the poses, all felt natural and professional."

bridal designer, sashia bridal

I'm proud to offer custom collections but if you're not ready to inquire and looking for a price range. no worries, inquire below and you will receive it straight to your inbox. 
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making you feel your shinning from the inside and glowing on the out. 

capturing meaningful details.

complementing landscapes and highligh your venue

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