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Peel Manor House – Perfect Wedding Venue in Baldivis

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Peel Manor House is the perfect venue for couples looking to have a fairytale wedding.

Let me start by saying that the Peel Manor House is absolutely stunning. As soon. as you drive into the gates, there is a wow factor of elegance and beauty. It serves as a spectacular venue for weddings or getaways. Situated in Karnup, it is wonderfully secluded amidst vineyards and countryside. Only 40 minutes from Perth, it offers the opportunity to indulge in luxury.

Peel Manor House is an ideal venue for couples seeking a fairytale wedding. Set in a picturesque location with exquisite gardens and a majestic mansion, Peel Manor House provides a dreamlike backdrop for a memorable and romantic day. With its luxurious accommodations, grand ambience, and breathtaking surroundings, Peel Manor House is the perfect place for couples to embark on their happily ever after. Discover why Peel Manor House is the ultimate choice for your special day.

The Setting: Peel Manor House

Nestled on a sprawling 10.5-acre estate, Peel Manor House boasts a truly enchanting setting for your fairytale wedding. This Georgian-style mansion exudes elegance and charm from the moment you lay eyes on it. Surrounded by picturesque gardens, the grounds of Peel Manor House create a captivating backdrop for your special day. With blooming flowers, lush greenery, and charming driveways, the gardens are like something out of a storybook. Imagine exchanging your vows under a beautiful gazebo or saying “I do” amidst a flame trees and flowers. 

Inside the manor, you’ll find opulent and tastefully decorated spaces that perfectly blend old-world charm with modern comforts. The grand staircase, adorned with intricate details, sets the stage for a grand entrance and serves as a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos. Whether you choose to have an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Peel Manor House offers versatile indoor and outdoor spaces to suit your needs. From the elegant ballroom to the charming courtyard, every corner of the estate is thoughtfully designed to create a magical atmosphere for your wedding. 

As the sun sets, the estate transforms into a romantic wonderland. With its beautifully lit gardens and majestic manor aglow, Peel Manor House creates a truly magical ambience for your evening celebrations. From the moment you step onto the estate, you and your guests will be transported to a world of enchantment, making your wedding at Peel Manor House an unforgettable experience

History of Peel Manor House

From the moment it opened its doors back in 2000, Peel Manor House has enticed visitors with its fairytale setting and its enchanting history. Initially created as a bed and breakfast retreat to provide a luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, the manor house’s little slice of heaven soon became popular as a prime location for events and special occasions. Realizing they had something special on their hands, Peel Manor House decided to open its grounds for weddings and grand rooms for conferences and functions.

Today, Peel Manor House is a favourite destination for couples searching for an exceptionally unique and memorable wedding experience. Nestled on 10.5 acres of picturesque land, surrounded by spectacular Tuart Trees and lush gardens, this semi-rural paradise offers an all-in-one service and exceptional attention to detail. This Georgian-style mansion boasts 14 deluxe suites, some featuring double-spa baths to add a touch of opulence. With a full-sized billiards table and a baby grand piano, and a secret garden with its own ancient Pinnacles dating back more than 60,000 years, there is something for everyone.

At Peel Manor House, whether it’s for a wedding, an escape, or both, we invite you to create lasting memories in our enchanted world. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Why Peel Manor House is a perfect wedding venue

This enchanting estate offers a magical setting that will make all your fairytale dreams come true. With 10.5 acres of picturesque land, you have endless possibilities to create a truly unique and memorable wedding experience. Here’s why it’s a perfect wedding venue.

Award-winning chef

They are delighted to present our award-winning chef, with two decades of experience in crafting menus to satisfy any taste and budget. They offer tailored set menus, buffet services, and an array of delicious finger food and cocktail-style dishes. Our fully-licensed bar also features a range of beer, wine, champagne, cocktails, and soft drinks, each designed to fit your budget.

Luxury Accommodation

This majestic Georgian-style manor offers 14 grandiose suites, some featuring extravagant double-spa baths. Treat yourself to one of the rooms with a spa bath to enjoy a tranquil evening before being enthralled by the rush and serenity of the following day.

Grand Entrance

For an incredibly romantic start to your special day, wow your guests with a stunning horse and cart entrance! Your wedding will be a fairy tale come true!

Wedding Day

With your ceremony and reception all in one place. Transform your dreams and ideas into reality and manifest all of your wishes. With the perfect landscape available to you, plan an event of your fantasies and decorate the staircase and table settings with vibrant blooms. Let your favourite flowers flourish around the pagoda to make it even more stunning. All preparations are done, now let your imagination bring everything to life.

Mutli- Day Events

Need some inspiration? How about a multi-day event? Consider a multi-day wedding! With plenty of space to get the girls together and host a night before dinner, wedding ceremony, and breakfast the following day, there’s no need to depart at midnight. To end the event on a high note, exit the premises in style with a convertible car, a “Just Married” sign, and a perfect touch of luxury.

The Peel Manor House can transform your wedding day into a memorable experience, the kind that dreams are made of.

Tips from a Professional Photographer – To make your wedding perfect

Alright, lovebirds, listen up! You’ve got your fairytale venue, the magical setting of Peel Manor House, and now it’s time to make sure your wedding is picture-perfect. And who better to give you some tips than a professional photographer? Trust me, I’ve seen it all.

When it comes to photography, lighting is essential. To begin, use the natural light indoors. Capture shots of the grand staircase while the sun is streaming through the windows – magical! As for outdoor photos, try to snap them during the golden hour before sunset. This will add a romantic atmosphere to your pictures. However, keep in mind the sun sets in front of the manor house – aim to be on the side of the building for the best results.

Not only is Peel Manor House a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony – it’s also perfect for a whimsical horse and carriage entrance. After the event, your guests can stay in the luxurious king-sized deluxe suites, and everyone can take pleasure in the grand piano and billiard table. 

There’s no end to the wonderful photographic opportunities the manor presents, and it makes a fantastic destination to visit or revisit for anniversaries to come.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer to document your special occasion if it’s your wedding day or multiple days? Allow me to preserve your beautiful memories and cover all the special moments, from the family rehearsal dinner, wedding day and your exquisite departure after breakfast. This is a special time to capture it all.

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