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Discover 5 Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day Without Feeling Rushed

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Say goodbye to wedding day stress and hello to unforgettable memories with these three essential tips for planning your big day. From ensuring a day filled with joy and laughter to capturing the most stunning photos that truly reflect your love story, let's make your dream wedding a reality.

Slow Down and Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special and significant days of your life. It’s a day filled with love, joy, and memories that you will cherish forever. However, with all the excitement and anticipation, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and feel rushed. The last thing you want is for your wedding day to fly by in a blur, leaving you feeling like you didn’t have a chance to fully enjoy it. That’s why it’s important to slow down and savor every moment. In this blog post, l will share some helpful tips on how to avoid feeling rushed on your big day and truly savor the experience of saying “I do”.

Why Slowing Down Matters on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s important to make the most of every precious moment. Slowing down and taking the time to savor each experience can greatly enhance your overall wedding day experience. One of the main benefits of taking your time is that it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the emotions and joy of the day. Whether it’s the first time you see your partner walking down the aisle or the heartfelt vows you exchange, slowing down allows you to truly appreciate the significance of these moments. Additionally, taking your time ensures that you don’t miss out on any important details. From the beautiful décor to the loving smiles of your guests, there are so many elements that contribute to the magic of your wedding day. By slowing down, you can soak in the ambiance, capture mental snapshots, and create lasting memories.

1 ) Putting Your Dress On Early

When it comes to your wedding day, one of the best things you can do is put your dress on early. I know, it might seem counterintuitive. You may worry about getting your beautiful white gown dirty before the ceremony even begins. But let me assure you, it’s worth it.

Putting your dress on early allows for some incredible photography opportunities. As a photographer, I can tell you that the bridal portrait session is one of the most important parts of capturing the essence of your special day. By putting your dress on early, you have plenty of time to relax and feel beautiful in your photos, without the stress of rushing out the door when the limo arrives with a blaring horn.

Not only does putting your dress on early give you more time for stunning photographs, but it also allows me, as your photographer, to capture all the details you’ve planned. From the intricate lacework on your gown to the delicate beadwork on your shoes, every detail deserves to be captured before the hustle and bustle of the day takes over.

And let’s not forget the practicality of putting your dress on early. It gives you the chance to do any final touch-ups on your makeup and hair and maybe even grab a few selfies with your besties. Plus, it ensures that you won’t be running late to the ceremony, leaving you feeling rushed and stressed.

So trust me on this one, putting your dress on early is a decision you won’t regret. It allows for beautiful photographs, a stress-free start to your day, and the chance to fully savor every moment of your wedding day.

2 ) Focus On Being In The Present Moment

Your wedding day is full of details you never want to forget. After spending months or years planning every detail about the day, it’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of it all. But don’t forget to take a moment to truly be present and soak in the joy of the day.

One way to do this is to focus less on capturing Pinterest-worthy poses during your photoshoots, and more on the genuine moments of love and connection. As a Hybird Photographer specialising in film photography, I believe in capturing the authenticity of each moment, making you slow down and be in the present. My intentional approach to photography helps to bring you back to the here and now, ensuring that you truly savor the joy of your wedding day.

So, remember to take a breath, be in the moment, and let the love and happiness of your wedding day fill your heart.

3 ) Intentionally Planned Alone Time With Your Partner

I will always suggest planned alone time with your partner. When I suggest this to my couples and they do it on their wedding day, they always tell me how much this time meant to them. Trust me, it’s worth it.

When you plan out your wedding day timeline, make sure to set aside at least 10 – 15 minutes to spend alone with your partner. This will give you both a chance to pause, take a breath, and truly soak in the significance of the day. It’s a beautiful opportunity to reflect on the journey that has brought you to this moment and to share your excitement and love with each other.

Here are a few ideas to have alone time.

Travelling After your Ceremony to reception – If in different locations

Travelling from your ceremony to reception if they are in separate locations: Take this time to hold hands, talk about the ceremony, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Let the joy and love of the ceremony sink in before joining the festivities at the reception.

After Bridal Portraits

Have your bridal party photos first and then separate bridal photos with me: This way, you can have a few moments alone together after capturing the excitement and energy of your bridal party. It’s a chance to reconnect and create intimate memories with just the two of you before the celebration continues.

Night Stars Sneak Out

Sneak out while everyone is mingling for 5 minutes during the night and look up at the stars: Take a moment to escape the crowds and find a quiet spot together. Look up at the stars and let the magic of the night sink in. This little moment of tranquillity can be a reminder of the beauty of your love and the significance of the day. If you get married at the same location, couples like to walk to the ceremony location and replay the feelings of getting married.

By prioritising planned alone time with your partner, you can create meaningful memories and truly savor the joy and love of your wedding day.

4) Plan A Wedding Photography Timeline

Planning your wedding photography timeline is a crucial part of ensuring that your special day runs smoothly and that you capture all the moments you want to remember forever. As a wedding photographer, I can work with you to create a timeline that allows for beautiful photos while also giving you enough time to truly enjoy your day.

When planning your wedding photography timeline, it’s important to build in flex time. Trust me, things rarely go exactly as planned on a wedding day, and having some extra time to work with can alleviate stress and allow for adjustments if needed. Flex time also allows you to fully savor each moment without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

Consider discussing your timeline with your other wedding vendors as well. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and can coordinate their efforts to make your day seamless. From the hair and makeup artists to the ceremony and reception venues, having a cohesive timeline ensures that everything runs smoothly.

During the planning process, we will work together to determine the best moments for your formal portraits, candid shots, and any other specific photos you have in mind. By knowing ahead of time when and where these photos will take place, you can relax and enjoy the process, knowing that you won’t miss out on any important shots.

Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating your love and creating memories that will last a lifetime. By planning your photography timeline strategically and allowing for flexibility, you can ensure that your day is stress-free and filled with beautiful moments captured in timeless photographs.

5) Remember It’s Your Day and Just Have Fun

Remember, it’s your one day all to yourself. If things get a bit rushed, just breathe and concentrate on what matters most: getting married to the love of your life. Your wedding day may not go exactly as planned, and that’s okay. Don’t let any mishaps or hiccups ruin your mood or steal your joy. Instead, come back to the present moment and focus on enjoying every second of this special day.

Relax, smile, and celebrate your wedding with feelings of happiness, joy, and love. These emotions will radiate in your photos and be the memories that you cherish forever. Remember that perfection is not the goal; the goal is to celebrate your love and commitment surrounded by your loved ones. So laugh, dance, and just have fun.

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